Leeson's Panel Beaters, your panel beaters of choice in Midrand.
Panel Beating
At Leeson Panel Beaters we pride ourselves with our high levels of customer service and quality workmanship.

Our panelbeating prices are extremely competitive, our quality unsurpassed and our delivery times are excellent. We repair vehicle bodies back to their factory state after having been damaged in an accident.

The process of panel beating is highly labour-intensive, involving various techniques to remove dents, shape panels to match the original contours then smooth, re-surface and spray paint the damaged areas. We can also perform paintless dent repairs on minor body damage and can re-align a vehicle once it has been involved in an accident.
Steps in Panel Beating:
  • Shrinking/Stretching
  • Planishing
  • Welding
  • Filling
  • Sanding
  • Spray painting
  • Re-alignment
Stretching and Shrinking
When a panel on a car's body is dented, the metal is stretched out of shape. The process of shrinking and stretching the metal back to its original dimensions requires heat to be applied to the surface and then hammered with a special shaping hammer to re-shape the metal. This technique is used in conjunction with planishing to restore the original dimensions and contours of the panel.
Spray Painting
The hub of crafting perfection and restoration solutions on all makes and models of vehicles for our customers.
Leeson Panel Beaters carry out major and minor mechanical repairs to all makes and models.
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